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Loyalty marketing experts laser-focused on helping consumer-focused, middle-market companies efficiently and effectively improve customer retention.

We strategically pinpoint unique opportunities and customize a loyalty product/service solution to precisely meet your exact needs. No more. No less.

Laser Focused on Loyalty

Leading Loyalty

Improving Loyalty

Improving Loyalty


When addressing strategy and direction for a loyalty marketing program, you need guidance and expertise. We provide a healthy dose of both.

Improving Loyalty

Improving Loyalty

Improving Loyalty


There are 3* specific weaknesses limiting your loyalty marketing success. We pinpoint and surgically remove them. And when you need to cut your budget, Streamlining Loyalty provides a strategic, logical path.

Enabling Loyalty

Enabling Loyalty

Enabling Loyalty


You recognize that you are too big for an “off the shelf” solution and find that you are not big enough for the larger firms. You need a partner to immediately invest in you to design and develop a loyalty program. 

Uniting Loyalty

Enabling Loyalty

Enabling Loyalty


 Our extensive network and structured process for developing relationships with other brands can deliver fresh opportunities to create a stronger value proposition for members, generate new revenue sources, reduce costs, lift acquisition and improve overall retention.


Clients Praise Our Passion

"Experts in casino marketing and a trusted partner for 20 years!"

GM, Top 4 Casino Marketing Executive

"Designed a world-class loyalty program for our global cruise line."

SVP, Onboard Revenue

"Smart, responsive and best in class for loyalty marketing"

SVP, Omni-channel North American Specialty Retailer

The 4 P's That Make us Different



We focus on specific areas of need. 



We invest in you and spend your money like it’s our own. 



Industry sector experts aligned to delight middle market companies.



Proven, customizable products, processes and solutions that outperform the competition.

Our Loyalty Leadership Team

Recent Accomplishments

Just a sample list of our loyalty marketing accomplishments


  • Designed a global casino loyalty program for a major cruise line
  • Developed and managed a loyalty program for a mid-market national furniture retailer
  • Developed and managed a loyalty-based sales promotion for the leading national food wholesaler
  • Developed, led, and managed the omni-channel loyalty program for a top-5 department store across seven unique brands and seventeen business units
  • Developed, led, and managed the pharmacy rewards program for a top-10 drug store chain


  • Created the loyalty program business case for a top-10 department store chain 
  • Strategic planning for adding a private label credit card to the loyalty program for a top-3 footwear retailer
  • Developed the strategic plan for a loyalty marketing program for an online consumer parking application 
  • Developed the strategic business case and risk mitigation strategy for a global airline to bring customer experience servicing and omni-channel marketing + loyalty program management in house 
  • Audited the loyalty program to identify gaps/weaknesses and created a prioritized roadmap/implementation plan for a large specialty retailer


  • Created a strategic partnership between a well-known restaurant brand and a leading nationwide entertainment venue
  • Developed partnerships between our cruise line client and land-based casinos to drive new members and incremental play


  • Developed and produced CRM/loyalty creative for in-store, mobile, social, email, and direct mail for a national fashion retailer


  • Developed a technology tool to enable feedback tracking and analysis for a leading food delivery company
  • Designed and produced CRM/loyalty reporting dashboards, customized for users, for clients in specialty retail, apparel, travel, and footwear industries


  • Created and managed full suite of analytic models and reporting for multiple casinos
  • Developed loyalty fraud/loss prevention capabilities for clients in various industries 


Case Studies

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