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Developing world class loyalty programs
Using our proven methodology, Ascendant Loyalty develops unique and inspiring loyalty programs for our clients. We build the business case for loyalty, design the optimal program, bring it to life, and even continue to support it if needed.
OUR Process

Determine the best strategic approach for your loyalty marketing program. Includes a structured data analysis, consumer primary research, review of past/current efforts, competitive analysis, and stakeholder interviews.


Create the blueprint for the loyalty program. Create all elements of the program, including (but not limited to) the value proposition/ exchange, program tiers and their definitions/ benefits, naming and creative platform, member acquisition plan, enrollment strategy/process, communications cadence, partnerships, redemption strategy/process, technology needs, measurement plan, reporting, staffing requirements, language, and training needs.


Build and produce all of the elements from the design phase. With a strong blueprint and disciplined approach, we are able to develop the program with flawless efficiency. This phase takes the program through training and launch.


All world-class loyalty programs include a measurement and monitoring approach that allows for flawless execution and continuous improvement. Our experience managing rewards programs has given us the “lessons learned” to design more effective programs.